The passion behind the design

Someone said that a garden is "a blending of landscape and art to create a place for dreaming" and, certainly, all the research shows that plants and gardens make us more content. In an increasingly hectic world, being 'nearby nature' in a green retreat gives us the opportunity to relax, rest and recuperate. As we seem to be working longer and harder, so it is important that we have time to play as well. Our gardens, however big or small, should give us the opportunity to entertain our family and friends and generally to have fun.

A physical space is measured by length, width and height but, uniquely, a garden has a fourth dimension, Time. Garden Design is the only art form to work with this fourth dimension.  This usually means that a garden has a history and always means that is never static, changing with the light or the seasons and developing over the years. The exictement of garden design is bringing together all the elements involved; Art ,Science, Technology, Nature, Space and Time as well as that indefinable something which makes each garden as unique as the people who will use it.

The gardens I design have strong, simple lines softened by often bold and voluptuous planting to give interest throughout the year. They are sensitive to the site and its location  and are as sustainable as possible in their construction and ongoing maintenance. I prefer to  use materials which underline local distinctiveness and have as little an effect on the environment as possible.

This, then, is the rationale behind my designs but gardens are for people living real lives. My designs offer elegant solutions to practical problems. My clients may want to entertain friends, play games, grow vegetables, enjoy the peaceful calm of a warm summer's evening or all of these but they still probably need somewhere to store the garden furniture and hang out the washing.  Most people would rather enjoy being in their gardens than working in them and I tailor my designs to work with nature and the site so that the resulting garden does not need extensive maintenance or chemical intervention.  I always work very closely with my clients to make a garden which addresses their needs and requirements as well as being  fundamentally and profoundly satisfying. In the end, what is important is that you have an outside space that  you really enjoy and can confidently manage.

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