Services Offered

I want to help you to have as lovely a garden as possible. I am very flexible in the way I work because each client and every garden is completely different.  I offer a range of friendly and professional services so that they can be tailored to your needs. Together, we can achieve the garden you will enjoy and feel confident about.  I am very happy to discuss your garden with you on the phone so do give me a ring.

The initial visit

This is probably the most important meeting we will have. This is your garden and must suit your lifestyle, needs and budget. I'm don't impose my ideas but listen to you so that we can see how best I can able to help you. This takes time and so I allow up to three hours for this visit.

A Consultation

It may be that what you need is some expert advice about how you can cheer up a tired-looking garden, make a difference when your budget is limited, put the sparkle back into an old planting scheme or simply how to maintain your garden properly. In that case we can have an in-depth discussion, which I follow with a full report detailing my suggestions, in order to sort out the problem and enable you to proceed with your garden project with confidence.

I charge £295.00+mileage for this service

After a consultation,clients said...........

" We thoroughly enjoyed talking with you. Your report is everything we hoped for and we are looking forward to putting your suggestions into practice"  Mr&Mrs R, Budleigh Salterton

"Very much appreciated. Now we're flying!" Mr&Mrs M-B, Exeter

"Thank you very much for your report, received very promptly. We are a veritable hive of industry here! We will definitely be back in touch for further advice"  Mr&Mrs H, Cheriton Bishop

"We had a fantastically successful working party at school on Saturday and the grounds are transformed. It really does look wonderful and it wouldn't have happened without your help."  Mrs B, Doddiscombleigh


Taking the brief for a design

It may be that you need some further design work. I will talk with you about how you want to use the garden, your likes and dislikes,needs and requirements and your budget. During our discussion it will become clear how much design work will be needed and I will follow my visit with a detailed design brief and give you a fixed fee for the work you need. As I say, my services are very flexible and tailored to give you only what you need.

I charge £145.00 + mileage for this visit which is the first stage of design work






The full design service

If you are contemplating large-scale improvements to your garden, it is a good idea to have a sense of the big picture and have a plan to work to, even if the work is to be done over a number of years.If you decide to commission me to draw up a design for your garden I will do the following:

  • a full survey and assessment of the garden,including taking levels, a plant audit, soil tests etc
  • draw up the survey to scale
  • draw up and personally present a design proposal, based on the brief and further research
  • make any amendments within the brief
  • draw up a plan with notes and details and a lay-out plan for the contractor so tht he has what he needs to give you a quote for the work
  • draw up a schedule of works
  • meet with the contractor on site to talk the design through
  • draw up a planting scheme
  • make site visits to check the setting out and, later, to check the plants
This will be completed for the fixed fee quoted


Building the garden
So, now you are ready to go ahead and build the garden. You may well have a contractor in mind but, if not, I am able to recommend some. I always do a site visit at the setting out stage to make sure that everything is as it should. If you would like, I will monitor the process of building the garden, making regular visits to ensure that the build goes smoothly and that the finished garden remains true to the design.  

November09 047_1.JPG



Planting up the garden is usually the moment when the space becomes a garden rather than just an outside space. I can source top quality plants, often from local nurseries, at competitive rates. I will set out the plants and prefer to plant them with my clients. This means that you feel easy about the individual plants and the garden as a whole.It is a way of taking ownership of the garden so that you feel in charge. It's also fun!





What happens if the garden is finished and you are able to enjoy using it but perhaps are unsure how to look after it. I want all my clients to really enjoy their gardens and to feel confident about their management.I am happy to write you a maintenance plan or to make subsequent visits to monitor progress and advise on care and maintenance, showing you what to do and how to do it. This will ensure that that the mystery is taken out of the horticulture and that your garden develops smoothly.



On-going development

Occasionally and if time allows, I take on the management and development of larger gardens, working with the regular gardener. This is of special value to clients who are often away or too busy to supervise staff but who want to know that the management of their garden is in good hands.